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Reliable source of income


Cash Vault


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Equivalent to real estate, gold, etc.


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The entire power of the state is behind OVDPs, which always has sources of income. Repayment of bonds and payment of interest on them is the responsibility of the government. And it fulfills it for more than two decades clearly and on time. deposits over 200 thousand hryvnia

Government bonds are a risk-free investment, the return on which is independent of chance


High income

The yield on bonds is up to 5-6% higher than on deposits. Buying OVDPs for a long term, you can fix a high yield for years to come. Interest accrued on OGVZs is not included in taxable income

Unlike bank deposits, bond income is not subject to income tax (18%) and military duty


Convenient to use

It is very easy to sell bonds at the market price. If the market price of the bonds at the time of sale is higher than their par value, then the seller will receive additional profit on the difference and his accrued interest

Can you imagine this with a bank deposit? Spoiler: No!


Easy to buy and sell with a mobile app

The yield on bonds is up to 5-6% higher than on deposits. Buying OVDPs for a long term, you can fix a high yield for years in advance. Interest accrued on OGVZs is not included in taxable income

With our application:

— The most difficult things become clear

— Access to the bond market is opened for everyone

— Buying and selling bonds takes place in two clicks

What are the freedom or government bonds?


War bonds are government bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. They are called military because they are deployed during the war. The proceeds from the bonds are used to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other financial needs of the state under martial law.

What are the types of government bonds?


Ukrainian Government bonds are divided: by issue period - short-term (up to 12 months), medium-term (1-5 years), long-term (more than 5 years); by currency - in Hryvnia, Dollars or Euros.

How are bonds different from stocks?


Stocks and bonds can be issued by companies. If the security is issued by a company, then the guarantees for payment and return of money lie with the company.

Government bonds are issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and guaranteed by the state.

Securities (stocks and bonds) issued by the company usually have a higher yield with increased risk.

Securities (bonds) issued by the state have greater security.

What are the guarantees that I will receive my funds back after purchasing government bonds?


State guarantee for 100% of purchased government bonds.

Who owns the freedom bonds I buy?


If you purchased government bonds through the Bond UA app, you are the owner. The government bonds you have purchased are stored in the depository institution of BTS Broker LLC, which, in turn, transfers data on the assets you have purchased to the state institution "National Bank of Ukraine" every working day.

Why should I open a securities account?


To purchase bonds or shares, you need to have a securities account with the broker.

Why did the application ask for my passport data?


Before buying securities, you need to conclude a brokerage agreement with the investment company BTC Broker. To complete the contract, your passport details are required.

What happens after I pass the verification and provide all the necessary documents?


After checking your documents, the broker sends you service agreements, opens a securities account for you and registers you on the stock exchange.

How is my data protected?


Your data is stored on a secure server, to which only employees of the broker and authorized persons have access.

Is the Bond UA application a government program or a private organization?


Bond UA is an application designed to facilitate communication between clients and a broker. Through it, clients register with the broker and create orders to buy or sell securities. All orders are executed by the broker.

What are the benefits of buying bonds through the Bond UA app?


With the Bond UA application, you register with a broker online. In addition, for clients who register through the application, the broker has a special tariff.

Will I be able to sell my government bonds before their expiration date if I need my funds back?


You can sell your securities purchased through the Bond UA application. To do this, just apply for the sale in the application.

Is there a commission for the services provided, the purchase of bonds or the withdrawal of funds?


At the moment (temporary) there are no commissions for the services provided.

How is the withdrawal of funds from the exchange to my bank account?


Withdrawals are made to the bank details that you specified at the time of registration in the application.

Where can I find more information?


You can find additional information on the broker's website